Consecutive Labellers | Consecutive Labels | Self Adhesive Labels


  • Specially designed trigger control handle for fast & uniform labeling

  • Silent fast and easy to handle

  • Self-controlled inking for dry and clear printing

  • Unbreakable and dust proof

  • Advanced dust & shock resistant print heads

  • 6 & 8 print bands

  • 3 models with international size symbols

  • Complete Spare Parts and Servicing available





We have developed a highly innovative product for the apparel industry cutting section.Our research indicates that our invention is unique and will offer significant advantgae over all avaliable similar and competing products.

Our Product will deliver the following customer benefits:


  • Water based technology for sticker coloring.

  • Ready Stock of product at any time

  • High Quality of Raw Material

  • Customized coloring option

  • Technical Support and Services