Care labels provide guidelines to consumers and apparel caregivers about the best cleaning procedures to be used for that particular combination of fabric, thread, decoration and construction techniques. Following the instructions on the care labels provide assurance that the appearance and fit of the garment will be maintained after repeated cleaning treatments. As manufacturers, importers and retailers, your brand value is dependent on each product’s appearance. How do you ensure that care labels placed on your product are understandable for consumers and apparel caregivers, while simultaneously meeting the national and international requirements trade?

All Plain Rolls of Satin and Taffeta Available


Single-face satin woven edge tape

This is a reliable, general-purpose option for soft, lighter weight labels with a touch of class. Color-matched ribbons and high quality print graphics can be used with this versatile solution.


Cotton flat weave

Cotton flat weave printed labels offer a natural look with the option of printing detailed images. The cotton will pick up dye in any garment wash process for a fully coordinated look.


Coated tapes

Coated tapes bring added smoothness to the surface of the label for a more distinct and defined print quality. Coated fabrics are the best option for bar codes and fine print.

Double-face satin woven edge tape

Super soft and extra elegant, this is the most luxurious printed label solution available today. Ultrasonic edges on the booklet fold allow more print area for extra information while still maintaining the skin-touch softness. Use this solution to combine high quality print graphics or coordinate color matching with key variable data.


Polyester canvas tapes

Polyester canvas tapes bring a heavyweight, matte surface that works especially well for jeans and sports wear apparel. Create a worn but resistant look with clever printing. This product has the added benefit of being able to withstand harsh wash processes.



Drying Guide

Dry-Cleaning Guide


Best suited to polysatins and nylons, the printed image offers excellent resistance to dry cleaning and both home and industrial washing, bleaching and ironing. The outstanding back coating prevents static build-up and clogging, offering the very best in printhead protection.

It has superior performance, and anti-scratch antifouling properties and can be washed dry-cleaning of washing, suitable for washing mark label printing, in a wide range of application areas, with excellent anti - chemicals, high temperature (through the electric iron is still clear) performance.Washing Resin Ribbon can be applied to the apparel industry washing label, special parcel labels, fabric labels, carpet labels. Applicable to different types of labels, such as kraft paper, coated paper, synthetic paper, glassy paper, paper cards, PET, PE, PVC, PP, nylon (wash cloth).

The wide range of ribbons available today ensures that our valued customers have different product options for virtually every thermal transfer application. Using Labelit ribbons ensures optimum print quality causing minimum wear on working parts - in particular to the printhead.

Storage conditions:

  • Temperature: 5 ~ 35 ;
  • Humidity: Relative humidity 10% ~ 85%;
  • Light: Avoid direct sunlight;


It’s possible to print directly on not only large size tags e.g. 150mm width, by 300mm length, but also double post cards. This single tag printer has an adopted tag feeding structure which enables it to reduce time loss.


  • Realized the maximum size of price tag (150mm width, 300mm length)
  • Effective printing area reaches to 128mm width and 200mm length by adopting wide head with high resolution (12dots/mm)
  • Contributing to increase work efficiency by adopting the structure feeding the next tag simultaneously when starting to print
  • Possible to print directly also on the double postal card