Due to the increasing numbers of thefts in retail stores, merchandise protection and article protection has become an increasingly important topic to protect shops against shoplifting.


EAS systems on RF-base


With a radio-frequency article surveillance a transmitter generates a zone, in which not deactivated etiquettes or not removed hard etiquettes (tags) are recognized by the system. The transmitter sends out constantly a RF signal with a certain frequency (RF 8.2 MJz). If a not deactivated etiquette or a hard etiquette (tag) is brought now into this field, a coil which is placed right inside the tag is charged and sends out a signal which is identified by the receiver and releases therefore the alarm.

EAS systems RF 8.2 MHz

Article protection based on 8.2 MHz of technology has the following advantages compared with other systems:

  • Modulating frequency permits application of security labels with RF 8.2 MHz

  • Big choice in accessories and protection etiquettes (tags)

  • Big variety of antenna combinations

  • Mature, proven and widespread technology of merchandise protection

  • Favorable price

  • Easy installation

  • For small boutiques as well as for big department stores suitable

  • Excellent quality of detection

Advantages of EAS

Our article protection systems have the following advantages and qualities:

  • High dependability

  • No service required

  • No additional tuning of the system required

  • Adjustments can easily be made by the shopkeeper himself

  • Modern design for modern shops

  • Unbeatable price

  • Highest, European quality

  • Excellent detection quality – secures up to 2.4 Meters with one single antenna

  • Excellent detection of tag and etiquettes

  • Supervision of the protected articles round-the-clock

Articles that can be protected

The following articles can be protected by EAS protection systems:

  • Clothes and textiles of all kinds

  • Leather goods and shoes

  • Sport articles and toys

  • Books and office equipment

  • Video tapes, DVDs, CDs, computer games

  • Sunglasses, eyeglasses

  • Suitcase, pockets, backpacks

The Acoustic Magnetic (AM) Frequency

Acousto-magnetic (AM) technology is ideal for clothing retailers and departmentstores, as well as outlets selling cosmetics, hardware and electrical goods.AM technology possesses a number of specific characteristics. No other technology is able to provide security over such great distances. The technology also makes it possible to work with small, discreet hard tags and adhesive security labels.

The Advantages of AM

  • • Able to provide security for very wide aisles and entrances.
  • • Also available in mono configuration where one antenna is able to secure a total distance ofup to 3 metres.
  • • Antennas are equipped with a jammer detection. Thieves carrying a device designed to purposely jam the detection signal will trigger an alarm when they pass through the antennas.

AM Antennas

We have a selection of attractive, modern, high-tech AM antennas in the latest designs.

Electronic Box

The AM box V3 is necessary for all AM systems and can be used to connect up to three antennas.


  • Article Number : 2053v3
  • Width : 242mm
  • Height : 78mm
  • Length : 466mm
  • Weight : 8.2kg